A dazzling debut with magical places, creatures and gemstones, plus a compelling heroine young readers will love. — Kirkus Reviews

Richly imagined and painstakingly described, the story world in Opal Summerfield and the Battle of Fallmoon Gap is amazing! — IndieWritingBlog
On one of the happiest days of her life, Opal Summerfield is ambushed by her secret history and inherits an enchanted necklace magically super-charged by her adolescent emotions. Immediately, the necklace attracts the attention of an evil conjurer named Amina and the masked vigilantes called the Hoods.

After the Hoods attack her family, Opal flees her Ozark Mountain home and escapes into a parallel world called the Veil. Here she meets deadly wereboars, horses that burst into flame, mechanical steamwork fireflies, and the Wardens who guard the source of all magic—a strange cave formation called the Helixflow—hidden beneath the city of Fallmoon Gap.

With cover art and illustrations from emerging artist, Kitikhun Vongsayan, Opal Summerfield and The Battle of Fallmoon Gap, is the first installment of the Opal of the Ozarks series and a non-stop adventure full of familiar fantasy characters re-imagined in an unique American mythology—the fading legends of the Ozark Mountains.