A dazzling debut with magical places, creatures and gemstones, plus a compelling heroine young readers will love.
— Kirkus Reviews
Richly imagined and painstakingly described, the story world in Opal Summerfield and the Battle of Fallmoon Gap is amazing!
— IndieWritingBlog

Opal Summerfield and The Battle of Fallmoon Gap

The world created—both that of the Ozarks and the Veil—are distinct and vivid, as are the creatures, magical beings, and people who inhabit Opal Summefield and The Battle of Fallmoon Gap…It’s very refreshing in fantasy to see capable, complex female characters…Opal is smart, capable, loving…which makes her a standout in the fantasy genre. The book is exciting, with doses of danger and battles and a sense of tension as Amina [the evil conjurer] grows in power. I would recommend this book to readers who enjoy fantasy; it is appropriate for older teens up to adults.”
— Amazon Reviewer
Mark Caldwell Jones has crafted an enchanting world filled with magic, strange creatures, intrigue, and romance… making you eager to keep flipping the page in anticipation to see what Opal will do next, or how this strange adventure will resolve itself. From the well-written plot to the adorably enchanting artwork included in the novel, Opal Summerfield and The Battle of Fallmoon Gap is a wonderful and imaginative novel that certainly piqued my interest and made me want to read more in the series.
— Amazon Reviewer
Jones provides a seamless story [in Opal Summerfield and The Battle of Fallmoon Gap] with many twists and turns to keep the readers interest at its peak. He laces the scene with intricate and vivid imagery that makes the readers feel like they are transported right into the story and experiencing the events as they unfold right by Opal’s side! I must say the author shows a rare talent and dominance in this genre through his impeccable delivery of an epic journey
— Amazon Reviewer