In this SPEC PILOT for IRON FIST, S.H.I.E.L.D continues its efforts to secure the Infinity Stones. NICK FURY (SamuelJackson) has information that a fourth Infinity Stone called the SOUL STONE has shattered and it’s shards are scattered, and hidden throughout the earth. Unknown to Fury, a cult of Tibetan martial artists discovered one shard and used it to create a city called K’un Lun.

Imbued with their collective consciousness, it manifests their most revered deity Shao-Lao the Dragon God and opens a pocket universe they claim as a home. Because of this “magic” the city remained hidden until explorer, Wendell Rand, discovered the truth. His bold expedition to prove K’un Lun’s existence has irrevocably changed his son’s destiny. DANIEL RAND must grapple with his fate and the power of the IRON FIST.